Baby Handprint and Footprint Stepping Stones

Recently quite a few of my friends have announced that they are pregnant or are just about to have their first child. Itgot me wondering what fun craft ideas I could find for ‘baby & parent’. No doubt over the summer holiday there will be thousands of parents looking for something fun to do with their little ones.

I then stumbled across a rather insightful little craft website called ‘Make Baby Stuff. com’ and found plenty of fabulous ideas for parents to enjoy with their babas.

One craft idea that I liked the look of was creating cement stepping stones with your child’s handprints or footprints. This sounded really cool because not only are you doing something creative and different, but you are also creating a memory that will survive the test of time. There is nothing more annoying than creating something you love only to see it crushed underfoot by some bumbling buffoon. Well, the chance of that happening to this craft item is slim indeed.


Honestly even the dads will want to get involved with this one – cement and WD40, what man could resist LOL!

I loved what the author of Make Baby Stuff had to say about the stepping stones, “Making stepping stones with baby handprints or footprints is a very unique way to chart the growth of a child through the years. We create a cement stepping stone of my son’s footprint every year on his birthday and will soon have a whole path of his prints running through our garden.”

That sounds absolutely awesome!

Making stepping stones with your baby’s handprints or footprints is such a novel craft idea and I hope that some of you give it a shot.

If you do, please take a picture and send it our way – I will post it up 😀

Time to get dirty and have some squishy cement fun!

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