West Coast UFO 12.12.12

Prepare for 12.12.12 alien invasion!

On Tuesday evening the Absolute Beach team and one family guest were driving back from dinner when we spotted a rather peculiar looking UFO shining brightly above Britannia Bay.

We were meandering home slowly when I caught something shining out the corner of my eye. When I looked up I saw what first looked like a star or perhaps a plane, but then suddenly seemed to puff out like a cloud. Albeit it a curious looking cloud! It seemed odd because it was not only moving against the wind, but its shape didn’t seem to change at all (once it had taken the cloud shape).

We are all pretty level headed people and we don’t easily get suckered by things like this, but this was the first resounding instance where every one of us was perplexed. I tried to play ‘devils advocate’ and throw out theories of what it may have been…but in the end I was left scratching my head.

The team watched in excited awe as our West Coast UFO drifted slowly by and faded into the darkening evening sky. We laughed that the aliens had realized they had blown their cover and quickly put out their smoke screen…or cloud screen to be more precise.

We were all completely stoked because we thought we had seen something truly special. Well, in fact, it seems we may actually have!

This morning I couldn’t wait to get the image we had snapped of it up on Facebook. Unfortunately, in true UFO sighting style, the photo was terrible quality and honestly you can’t make out much at all.
However, I posted it up regardless!

It appears that our West Coast UFO may have very well been a military space shuttle, the X-37B Centaur. After a 224-day mission circling the play online pokies Earth, testing the new spacecraft to its full potential, the X-37B safely returned to terra firma. When it broke through the atmosphere it is possible that this is what we all saw. I’m a little sad that it wasn’t a bunch of ET’s, but hey the Centaur is pretty amazing itself. The X-37B project is aimed at “examining the affordability and reusability of space vehicles”. Very exciting stuff indeed!

So, it appeared in the end we actually were pretty close in our assumption that it was a spaceship. We were just incorrect in thinking it belonged to an alien crew, who were undoubtedly here to witness the so called Mayan end of the world!

To read a full article about the amazing X-37B Centaur, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Have you seen your very own West Coast UFO? We would love to see it – bounce it our way!

Live long and prosper!


** Here is a larger version of the image we snapped

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