Summer Colours 2012

Black, white and Red!!!

It seems that the summer colours to look out for during 2012/2013, especially in high end fashion, will be crisp blacks and whites. There is also the addition of red – which is the kind of colour I’d expect for the summer season.

Honestly, I feel as if black is a rather curious choice of colour for the summer months. This is a time to truly go wild with bright colours and uplift all those around you. We escape the chilly winter months, which are notoriously black, only to be bombarded with yet more darkness. Plus black is a mega ‘hot’ colour! Whoever decided on these colours hasn’t endured a summer here in South Africa. When summer arrives people should know it, rather than feel like its time for a funeral procession! However, black in moderation, especially when coupled with white, can look very striking! Take the instances above for example, very nice indeed.

White on the other hand is a lovely cool colour that I feel works well with the warm summer period. Not only that but white is a rather functional colour which works with a whole host of luscious summer shades. Those of us living on the South African West Coast can’t seem to get enough of this colour. We are inundated with it 24/7 – then again white is the colour of the West Coast!

Red is the only true saving grace though. Red is a fantastic colour that suits the summer season perfectly. Personally I know how pasty my skin tone can get in the winter, making it impossible to wear anything red….it makes me appear sickly. However, when the sun comes out and I transform into a slightly tanner animal, red suddenly looks awesome. The only problem is that all my red clothes have that familiar oh-so gross ‘mothball flavor’.

There is no doubt that we will still see the usual summer colours making an appearance. Colours such as bright yellows, electric blues and lush greens are all shades that are hard to keep down!
Thank goodness 😉

Personally yellow will always be the summer of colour and I plan to wear as much of it as possible. However yellow is very much like red, meaning that I will have to get my ‘tan on’ before attempting to hit the beach without looking like the walking dead.

What is your colour of summer and what do you feel about black being named one of 2012’s colours of summer?

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