FEATURED PAINTER: Dennis Hilton Lees

Witness the magic of the West Coast bursting to life!

When my wife and I moved up to the West Coast we were very excited to explore the various galleries and find some fabulous local artists. One painter whose work we have both come to enjoy is that of Dennis Hilton Lees.

While Dennis may be new to us, he has in actual fact been creating vibrant artwork for quite some time and has become highly respected as an inspirational West Coast artist.

Dennis works out of his Jacobsbaai studio. He is able to take inspiration from unique West Coast landscapes and somehow translate them into paintings which are drenched in the very same energy that makes this part of the world so special.

Perhaps what captivates me personally about his work is his effective use of explosive colour. This in my opinion truly captures the ‘spirit’ of the West Coast. The warmth and texture that he is able to express is palpable to the senses and can instantly transport me to an experience that I have had in the past!

You can also see a few nbso online casino of his animal paintings on his official website. I am very fond of these as they differ from your average ‘animal paintings’. Honestly it is rare for me to be captivated by animal/safari artwork, but with Dennis’ work I simply can’t help myself. The one of the buck above is my favorite! The way he uses minimal colour for the buck and then couples it with a beautifully washed organic background is super-striking and fabulously different…I would love to get my hands on this.

If you are interested to meet Dennis and discuss a commission, or would like to organize a private or corporate painting workshop, please contact him:

Tel: 082 353 7779
Email: artontap@gmail.com
Website: http://artontap.weebly.com/

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