Top 3 Summer Shades 2012

Get ready to don your eye armor everyone because summer is here and it is gonna be scorching hot!

When you venture out into the blazing sun perhaps the most important accessory you can brandish is a pair of functional yet stylish sunglasses. We suggest you ‘arm yourself to the eyeballs’ in a high quality pair of shades with lenses that will actually block all those harmful rays. Yep, looking good is one thing, but making sure that your sunnies will stand up to the all powerful Sun God is something else completely. We are here to help!

It is time for the Absolute Beach Top 3 Summer Shades 2012!

Persol has always been one of those brands that has the ability to deliver amazingly stylish shades – one model after the next. Usually I am not into trendy fashion sunglasses. However, after seeing the photos of Although the saving grace for me was when I saw a photo of the ‘King of Cool’ himself, Steve McQueen, rocking a pair with serious power – mega cool stuff. I suppose Persol made me think of the toffee-nosed ‘fashionista squad’ – boy did my opinion change fast. My first offering for the Top 3 Summer Shades 2012 is the Suprema PO3027S. The Suprema range has super high quality polarized lens which are hand crafted and inserted for a high quality product that has first rate light reflection. Indeed a fun fact about Persol is that they first started making their lenses in the 1920s and that they were specially designed to cater for the “specific needs” of a wide selection of wearers, such as mountain climbers and pilots. Perhaps one of the coolest aspects of this model is the fact that there is such a wide choice of frame colour. The Suprema ‘brown’ is probably my favorite of the range. The frames combination of shades makes for a special kind of coloration that can easily be worn by guys or girls. What I find interesting is that this Suprema is described as a female model on a few websites – I would have no problem wearing these though. Can anyone tell me if these are in fact for the ladies? The colour frame model has been described as “dark brown horn with striped blue”. The blue internal lenses give these Suprema’s a well rounded look which suits the frame so well. While these are my favs I am also very partial to the plain jet black versions with the crystal polar green lenses, very slick indeed! This particular pair of Suprema’s (PO3027S) will set you back around $194.00 (+/- R1650). This Supreme Arrow has been shot straight to my heart!

My second choice is South African based Sk8Shades, which is headed up by designer/chief Dave de Witt. His talent for taking second hand skateboards and transforming them into super funky eyewear is such a fantastic idea and I love the way he puts them together. Each model of shades is limited to four pairs per wood colour, which makes these cool creations seriously limited edition. The shades seem to be created in two variations – a Rayban Wayfarer and ladies ‘retro glam’ model. Sure Dave isn’t the first guy to create shades out of skateboard decks, but nevertheless I am very fond of his style and the fact that they are limited! Sk8Shades uses UV400 lenses to protect your eyes from both UVA and UVB light. You are definitely going to get plenty of compliments if you are donning these shades – plus they are a great conversation starter. A pair of these sunnies will set you back $120.00 (+/- R1020.00) You can contact Sk8Shades by bouncing Dave an email via his Etsy page. I wantz!!!

The third choice on my list, and perhaps my favorite shades of the season, are the uber-slick Polarized Jupiter Factory Light from Oakley. There is something about these sunnies that just screams attitude. While they are perhaps not as ‘happy’ or ‘fun’ looking as my other two choices, they are still a very sexy pair of shades. I have been a huge fan of Oakley for quite some time and have had many pairs throughout my existence. The HDO lenses are truly incredible and have such a pleasant ‘natural’ feeling that enhances your vision perfectly. They also have 100% UV filtering – which means your eyes will be protected from the harsh summer sun. The Jupiter Factory Light model that I have selected comes with polarized lenses (which I find ultra important these days), however they do come in the basic model – standard HDO variety. I really dig the combination of the matte black frame and black iridium lenses. Coupled with the unique pattern texture and bright accent colour on the inner arms, this pair of sunglasses is both simplistic and explosively different. There is also a very wicked white version with a polished aluminum finish and ice iridium lenses – but I hands-down prefer the dark hardcore version. The Jupiter Factory Light sunglasses are also the most expensive of my choices, coming in at $280 (+/- R2380.00). Unfortunately, I will have to save my pennies with zeal if I am ever going to get my hands on some of these delicious optics. It was a very sad day when my pair of Frank Kozik HIJINX was taken by some sticky-fingered rogue….sigh!

What are your thoughts boys and girls? Do you like my choices? What are your Top 3 Summer Shades 2012?


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