Goodbye 2012 and hellooooo to a new year filled with unlimited possibilities!

What a fabulous year we had at Absolute Beach. It was truly a year of profound change for us and we seized the Year of the Dragon, which symbolizes ‘change’, with both hands.

It is amazing to think that at the beginning of 2012 my wife and I were working in the city, choking on car fumes and having to deal with the various tumultuous noises that the city has to offer. Now, we live in quite possibly the prettiest place I have ever laid eyes on and our ‘quality of life’ is improving exponentially every single day!

Absolute Beach will be keeping with the theme of change and will continue to evolve in order to make our guests feel even more comfortable and give them the opportunity to truly unwind.

Perhaps the biggest objective that we would like to achieve this year is to get our spectacular retreat packages underway and properly streamlined. We want to facilitate amazing getaway trips for any possible kind of group. Whether you are looking to organize an ‘art online casino canada retreat’ for your sculpting class, or perhaps a ‘team building retreat’ for your department, anything is possible. Just get in touch with us and we will tailor-make a retreat that is perfect for you!

One item on our list that we personally would like to get sorted out is converting our garage into a gallery space for local artists, as well as studio space for our art retreat groups. We cannot wait to get our hands dirty with a bit of DIY and transform our garage into a fabulous nook where artists can let loose and bring their imagination to life.

Britannia Bay is bursting with a unique beauty that instantly charms the heart and opens you up to a different way of looking at the world. The team had a myriad of special moments throughout the year. To help you get a better idea of the kind of year we have had, please take a look at our ‘Top 44 images of 2012’ – prepare to be blown away!

While the majority of us would already be back at the helm, riding our desks with new years gusto, there is still a lucky few who have a few days more to sit back and relax – enjoy it for the rest of us please!

Needless to say, if anybody requires a ‘holiday from their holiday’, we would be only too happy to have you come and share our little slice of paradise with us.

The Absolute Beach team wishes you a dynamic year filled with love, happiness and laughter!

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