Paternoster Full Moon Market

Howling with excitement!

If there is one thing that I miss about living in Cape Town it’s the variety of quaint little markets that are on offer throughout the week. The West Coast unfortunately seems to be sorely lacking on this front!

Luckily we have a few select markets that are keeping our ‘crafty sides’ sated with exciting handmade goods, mouth-watering baked goods and exceptional artwork. One such market that is carrying the torch for the West Coast is the Paternoster Full Moon Market.

The Paternoster Full Moon Market is held at Stone Fish Studio on every Friday closest to Full Moon.
The market itself gets underway at sunset. The next market will be held on 25 January 2013.

I have always been a huge fan of night markets! There is something about the twinkling lights and the sound of online casino music in the evening that instantly pulls me in like a moth to a flame and holds me in a mysterious kind of awe. While daytime markets have their own vibrant warmth, night markets unique energy seems to almost bind strangers together in a blanket of camaraderie. I always seem to end up meeting more interesting people and having much more quirky conversations at these kinds of markets….maybe it’s the kindred spirit of us ‘night dwellers’!

If you would like to find out more info about the market, or would like to apply for your very own stall, please contact Dianne Heesom-Green – 082 824 8917

If you are looking for exquisite art and drool-worthy baked treats then you better get yourselves over to the Stone Fish Studio in Paternoster.

See you there 😉

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