West Coast Shell Strings

Shells Shells Shells!

We have such a massive variety of wonderful shells that wash up along our pristine shoreline – it’s easy to see why the locals draw so much inspiration from them!

On the West Coast we use sea shells for a wide variety of crafty pursuits. We decorate our houses, create fusion artworks and even use them for mosaics. However, perhaps the most well know ‘shell craft’ of them all are the classic ‘long shell strings’.

Visitors to the West Coast will no doubt be familiar with the strings of white sun-bleached shells that the locals sell on the beach. While these may be a relatively simplistic form of shell craft it is still one of our absolute favorites. It is amazing how just a few strings of these can liven up a space with ‘mellow beachy energy’! The locals also take this form of shell craft to the next level by getting creative with wire and forming shapes, such as fish and hearts. Personally the original long strings are my favorite. I love the way several of them clink together softly in a gentle breeze, it is such a soothing sound.

Shell strings on the West Coast seem to be made up primarily of molluscs of different kinds. They are Read the first 2 chapters of Cocaine Dipstrip Drug Urine Test Bath free here Download Cocaine Dipstrip Drug Urine Test Bath Louis Kuhne and the Friction Sitz Bath Cocaine Dipstrip Drug Urine Test Bath Benefits in a Cold Gel Pack France Guillain and the Derivative Bath Read Cocaine Dipstrip Drug Urine Test Bath Review on Bella Online Top 10 Secrets To Alkalizing your Body Roku is a company that manufactures products to make it easy for you to watch streaming Internet on your television. the perfect shell because they look stunning no matter if they are unbroken or slightly crushed by the waves and rocks. Some of these shells look fantastic even when completely obliterated – when the outer shell breaks apart you are left with a skinny shaft of shell which looks almost like a lily, very beautiful!

Sometimes I feel people jump the gun when making their strings and use ‘fresh’ shells that still have much of their original colour. I must say I much prefer the shells that bake in the sun for ages and become bone white – they look way more ‘West Coast authentic’ to me.

I would love to create my very own version which will take the shape of our Absolute Beach logo – doesn’t that sound amazing, watch this space!

Have you got any awesome snaps of string shell craft, or perhaps a few hints & tips for all the crafters out there – please share 🙂

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