Merrill Meier Ceramics

Ceramics has always been an art form that I just seem to struggle with. Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m working with a tangible mass of , or maybe its getting my head around visualizing the finished product in a three dimensional space.

Any way you look at it ceramics is the most ‘hands on’ art form there is. The fact that the artist works so closely with the medium must mean that he/she transfers some of their energy into the piece itself – in essence every artwork they produce is a little piece of their creative spirit.

Local West Coast ceramic guru Merrill Meier is a ceramicist who has garnered huge respected in the area, which is no surprise considering that she has been refining her skill for the past 30 years and has the ability to not only create stoneware ceramics but also awe inspiring raku designs.

I have always been a massive fan on Japanese raku pottery and it’s an absolute pleasure to see a local West Coaster producing such amazing work. Seriously, I need to online casinos ask Merrill if she will do a beginners course in this fascinating style. Check out this example of her raku work at the Langebaan Bay Gallery (please scroll down).

Art is a journey and I feel that this is an idea that Merrill is familiar with. If you read her online bio you will understand how her style has changed over the course of her career, “In the 7O”s/8O”s it was the brown and earthy – in the 8O”s/9O”s the bright and happy and the whites and neutrals into the new millennium”. There is nothing more dangerous for an artist than getting stuck doing the same thing over and over – adapting to the times is certainly the hallmark of a great artist!

Merrill lives in Langebaan where she has a small studio/gallery. Here are her contact details if you would like to get in touch to organize a viewing or commission – Please do so before rocking up 😉

TEL: 022 772 1855
CELL: 082 326 2519

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