Beach Signs

The other day I was in a creative mood. So, I began perusing the internet looking for some ideas for a unique beach sign that would work for Absolute Beach. What started off as a seemingly simple task ended up being a painful mission which left me with my face buried in my hands!

Honestly it was very difficult to find any serious inspiration. It seems that the majority of people stick to the usual beach sign clichés, seldom venturing into unknown territory where truly different concepts may lurk. In the end I found 3 different examples of beach sign designs that interested me. Each one has potential to work for our beach house.

First up we have a beach sign which is undoubtedly cliché, but which still has potential to work if executed properly. Island style beach signs made typically from bamboo, shells and driftwood have been around since before our grandfathers were ‘hanging ten’ and donning Huarachi sandals. Personally I feel that most examples of this approach leave much to be desired and end up looking cheap or childish. We have so many wonderful shells that wash up along the beach in Britannia Bay – it makes sense to make the most of them. Shell encrusted beach signs need to reflect the area in which you live – use as much of your local materials as possible. In our case using bamboo is a bit of a no-no, it just doesn’t work with the West Coast vibe. However, coupling some awesome white sun bleached shells and driftwood could definitely look great!

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The next beach sign I would like to tell you about I spotted on Etsy and is made out of old Indonesian fishing boats. Seastyle creates interesting décor with a ‘beachy’ theme, which they call “coastal vintage”. This beach sign was such a groovy idea and I really feel that it would work well with our own West Coast approach to design. The team and I are already contemplating where this sign would work best. It is so hard to choose a spot. The vintage look always seems to work well with beach house aesthetics. Perhaps it is the fact that living in such close proximity to the ocean means that ‘things’ become weathered much more quickly. When it comes to ‘beach living’ the slightly worn and disheveled look is perhaps the most appropriate and natural avenue to take – whenever I see super modern beach houses with loads of glass and pillars I cant help but cringe, it looks so unnatural and forced. I must say that I not only love this funky beach sign, but many of their other offerings too. Please take a look at their Etsy page HERE.

My last choice is rather alternative, but I feel it could add some fun quirky energy to our space. Direction signs, the likes of which you will see anywhere from bustling tourist spots to the top of Kilimanjaro, are always popular and can make a colourful statement when done properly. I was thinking it would be cool to use local landmarks and South African destinations instead of international locations. This gives some ‘lekker local flavor’ don’t you think? Integrating the worn vintage style of the previous sign is also a splendid idea. Using repurposed colourful boat wood could look spectacular!

Obviously what works for us here may not work for another beach house. Absolute Beach has a rather unique aesthetic which allows us to experiment and adopt a variety of different design styles. The architecture of our home is very different from anything else in the area and really manages to stand out…in a good way!

Do you have any cool ideas for beach signs? Who knows, if we like your idea we may even use it here at Absolute Beach!

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