Dianne Heesom Green – Polyhedron Sculptures

I have always been fascinated by the ability of unique shapes to conjure specific images in my mind or palpable feelings. We are taught as children to associate shapes with different things and as we grow older our ‘organic hard drives’ develop in their complexity as we begin to make even more intricate associations. This is why I am always so captivated by artists who like to push the boundaries with shape and meaning.

Dianne Heesom Green, who moved to Paternoster 6 years ago, is one such artist who has experimented successfully with shape/meaning and who has the ability to create art work that not only enthralls but also makes you ponder its meaning on a deeper organic level.

Personally my favorite projects from Dianne are her undeniably awesome Polyhedron series. These are prime examples of how shapes can illicit thoughts and feelings. To be honest the first thing that sprung to mind when I saw her polyhedron sculptures was that they had a very ‘liquid’ form. They reminded me of the unpredictability and strength of the ocean. I was happy to discover that her concept was very close to what I had gleaned from my own observation – “My sculptures are inspired by nature and the way in which we live on the fringes of a planet which is driven by powerful bio-rhythms.

Dianne’s polyhedron sculptures have a distinctly environmentally aware spirit – “Water is above us, within us and around us. It is needed for our creation and carves out our visible world.
This was a very powerful message for me personally as I have always felt very ‘in tune’ with the ocean and have always respected its power and life giving energy.

This work is undeniably raw and organic whilst still exhibiting casino online a sleek modern aesthetic. Dianne’s polyhedron designs will certainly work in most spaces, whether it’s a rustic cottage or a posh glass paneled apartment in the city – their shape and form transcends its environment. Her pieces stand aloof from their surroundings and imbue the space with their own inherent natural energy.

Her ‘Spiral Polyhedron’ piece is just too spectacular – I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it and how much I would love to have it within my living space. It would certainly add a calming Feng Shui like effect to my world! I can picture myself twisting within its spiral form as if I were smoothly spinning to safety after a particularly huge wave – hopefully that makes sense.

If you would like to discover more fabulous art by this ultra-impressive ceramic sculptor, please take a look at her website, or perhaps pop into Stone Fish Studios in Paternoster if you happen to find yourself on the beautiful West Coast!

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