Play Dough Recipe

Toys come and go but play dough is just one of those things that will never go out of fashion.

This awesome colourful stretchy stuff enthralls younger kids just as much as it did when I was a little dude. What could be better than rolling, forming, throwing and squeezing the heck out of something with a texture as awesome as play dough….NOTHING!

There are many people who believe that handling play dough can be very good learning curve for children as they get to experience a unique texture and how it can be manipulated. The act itself is also supposed to be highly soothing and can serve to mellow out hyper children.

Play dough is: CHEAP, EASY and FUN!!!!

It is honestly a really easy recipe and takes very little time to put together.

What you will need:

  1. 1 cup flour
  1. 2T cream of tartar
  2. 1 cup water (warm)
  3. food coloring
  4. 1T oil
  5. 1/4 cup salt

How to do it:

Simply take all of the ingredients, throw them together and then cook the mixture over a medium heat.

You will need to continue to cook until the mixture takes on a dough-like consistency.

If you find that your dough is a bit too dry you can always add more oil – small amounts at a time.

* We find that the cream of tartar gives off a bit of an odd smell – you can add a few drops of scented essences to fix this problem.

** The best way to store your play dough is by sticking it in an airtight container or plastic bag, and keeping it in the fridge. If you do this your dough should survive for around 2 weeks. After that you get to have the fun of making it again, with different colours WOOHOOOO!!!!

There you go, now you are all set to have some fun with the kids!

Take some pics and send them our way 😀

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