Mykonos Offshore Regatta 2013

Get ready for the Mykonos Offshore Regatta 2013.

Yachts with brilliantly coloured sails skipping across the waves, their crews hurrying about in a blur of frenzied adrenaline, all doing their best to capitalize on even the slightest breath of wind in an all out battle for supremacy – its going to be fantastic!

This annual event, which sees crews racing from Cape Town to the Mykonos harbor, will be casting-off from the 22nd – 23rd February, delighting crowds and giving sailors the opportunity to become living legends…the Phoenicians have nothing on these blokes 😉

Teams will be out to shatter the current record set by Phil Gutshe and his teamback in 2002 with their 60ft yacht ‘Warrior’. Their record stands at 5 hours 17 minutes 23 seconds, which is insanely quick. The groovy news for this years regatta is that Warrior will be back to try and beat their previous record. Only a handful of crews have come close to ousting them from their hallowed position, but with more and more modern ‘downwind crafts’ entering, that record is coming ever closer to being conquered. How cool would it be if they could come back and set the bar even higher…I will be supporting them full on!

It’s quite impressive when you consider that this is the 23rd race hosted by Mykonos. There is simply no denying how popular this race has become and how important it is for the South African sailing calendar. Get the fan-damily down to support these skilled nautical ninjas 😉

EVENT PROGRAM (general public):

22 February (Friday)
08h30 – Club Division 2 & 3 and Multihull “Cruising” (Cape Town to Club Mykonos)
09:00 – IRC Division 1& 2, Club Division 1 and Multihull Sport (Cape Town to Club Mykonos)

26 February (Saturday)
10:30 – First Boat Start (Pursuit Race)
16:30 – Pursuit Race (Finish)
18:30 – Prize Giving (Mykonos Marina Terrace)
19:30 – Dinner & Party (Marina Terrace)

Standard entries have already closed, however you can fork out a late entry fee of R330 per yacht, as well as R150 per salty sea dog. The FINAL closing date for entries will be 20 February – make haste.

I suppose it’s nice to know that if you just emerged from a painful rum-induced hangover that you still have the opportunity to enter. Also, if you were in charge of entering your yacht and forgot, your crew wont make you walk the plank – West Coast waters are chilly after all 😛

This should be an epic day for the whole family. There will be tons of things to see and do and what is also really great about Club Mykonos is that it is mega child-friendly. No doubt there will be plenty of things for the kids to do while you check out the boats, have a drink and take lots of photos.

Speaking of photos: this will be a nice opportunity for all you snap-happy camera peeps to get out here and take some magic shots of these beautiful boats – material DELUXE!

Lets all do a West Coast ‘wind dance’ (spinning in circles whilst hopping form foot-to-foot and waving your arms in a wobbly octopus-like fashion) to ensure that these South Easters keep pumping and make for an action-packed blitz of a race.


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