West Coast Fishing Regulations 2013

The West Coast has long been a Mecca for South African fisherman. The pristine beaches, clear waters and array of ‘tasty’ fish species is a huge pull for rod-wielding aficionados.

While we have a stunning setting and good fishing, I think it is very important to take careful notice of our local fishing regulations. The local St. Helena Bay Tourism Organization has sent us the official quota table for your perusal. This includes: Bag Limit, Season and Minimum Size.

Over the past few years there has been a large decline in fish populations along the West Coast. Regardless of how many parks board officers are on the beat and how proactive they are, it is just impossible for them to keep a constant eye on every inch of the coast, all the time.

This is why it is hugely important that visiting and local fishermen stick to the official fishing quotas to ensure that our children’s children will still be able to enjoy the kind of magnificent fishing that we enjoy here on a daily basis.

Also if you spot somebody blatantly disobeying these regulations, PLEASE REPORT THEM!
Here are the numbers to call if you see illegal fishing:
SANParks West Coast – 022 772 2144
Anti-poaching Line (national) – 028 313 2703

Ignorance is NOT an excuse!!

Happy fishing everyone – we hope you enjoy our pristine coastline and catch a real beauty 🙂

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