Absolute Artists Gallery ‘Spectacular Opening’ – REVIEW

Absolute Artists’ ‘Spectacular Grand Opening’ was everything we could have wished for and more!

Truly, we were overwhelmed by the massive amount of support we received from like-minded locals. The compliments and positive feedback about the artwork and gallery itself has given us a huge confidence boost and made us very excited for all the good things to come.

Andries would like to send his thanks to all those attended. This was the perfect setting for him to introduce his artwork to the West Coast community and was overjoyed at the response he recieved. He hopes that we can all get together for another Absolute Artists event in the near future. We have already begun pondering what we will do next!

We were pleasantly surprised by the sheer number of creative individuals in the area, all of whom are creating artwork of a very high standard. There is a huge community of talented artists on the West Coast and we hope that Absolute Artists can serve as a nexus where we can all come together to share our work and collaborate. This is a great opportunity to put our area on the ‘creative map’ for visitors coming to the West Coast!

The event was blessed with fine weather, which meant all of our guests could sit outside and enjoy the view, whilst indulging in a yummy cup of soup and homemade bread from the Swiss Deli & Bistro. We even managed to launch some sky lanterns, which were thoroughly enjoyed by all!

We would like to thank our family for all their contributions to the event. Without them things would never have played out so seamlessly and with such style. Marilo Cunningham, Peggy Herbt, Liza Mari van der Merwe, Marina Boxshall-Smith, Tiaan Greyling, – you are all superstars!!!!

Viewing our gallery is currently by appointment only. So, if you would like to come and take a look at Absolute Artists, please give us a call and we will gladly show you around.

TEL: 071 4111 077
EMAIL: info@absolutebeach.co.za

If you have any questions about Absolute Artists, or would like to discuss possible collaborations, please feel free to contact us anytime. We are looking forward to meeting artists from the area and discussing art in all its wonder and beauty.

Till the next time, Cheerio 🙂


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