Footloose in Darling 2013

Time to get ‘footloose’ with the fan-damily!

The annual Footloose in Darling festival is back once again and will take place on Saturday 25th May 2013. This is the type of event which caters to the whole family – so rest assured that everyone will have a great time. The most important thing about Footloose is to simply relax and slowly meander through the quaint Darling village, take in all the sights and enjoy some laid back family fun.

Darling has long been something of a nexus for art and creative individuals, which means that there is a constant stream of unique and wonderful things to indulge the senses. This sleepy little village is a treasure trove of weird and wonderful and never ceases to amaze us. Every time we visit we discover something new!

While the festival is about taking it easy and enjoying some quality time with the family it is also about giving back to the less fortunate. The festival organizers ask that all those attending please bring along a pair of shoes (more would be appreciated of course) which you are no longer using and donate them to people who truly needs them. The organizers had this to say “Over 85% of South Africans have shoes as their only means of private transport. Their feet and their shoes are essential to their ability to work and so feed a family. Those of us who have an excess of shoes can use the FOOTLOOSE as a means to help others. What might be old shoes to you, WILL be new shoes to others.”

No event is complete without good music. Footloose in Darling seems to have covered this aspect and more! Dave Ferguson, who originally hails form Cape Town, but who has subsequently lived everywhere from New York to London, will be coming at us with his unique music style. Dave incorporates the use of multiple music pedals and harmonicas, which may sound odd, but it produces a seriously interesting sound!
I actually saw one of his Youtube clips a while back and was impressed with what he could do. However, what I’m most keen to see is how he works his magic with looping pedals – its a serious art.

Kagiso Mokgadi (KG) and Russell Fox will be delivering some side splitting comedy action. Both of these gentlemen seem to be well respected by their peers and promise to send our stomachs into unrelenting spasms from laughter overload. To be honest I have never actually seen these guys perform, but I have heard really good things from my ‘comedy club’ buddies. Looking forward to it!
Russell Fox will fire it up at 1:30pm and KG will let loose at around 4:00pm.

Every wondered how cheese is made by hand? Well, wonder no more boys and girls, because Udderly Delicious Darling will be putting on a demo, which will take you through the process. Who knows maybe you will leave with a new appreciation and be inspired to try it yourself. For The demonstration will take place in a small home cheese kitchen in the heart of Darling and will be followed up with a cheese and wine tasting – NICE! If you are interested make sure to book, because they only accept 10 people per demonstration…you don’t get cheesed off’ now do ya 😉
The Udderly Delicious Darling demo will cost R45 per head amd will run between 11am & 3pm.
Please call Chanda to book your spot – at 074 5564032

Darling Brew’s Slow Quarter is one stop I have to make whenever I’m in Darling. This ‘tap room’ makes some of the finest craft beer this side of anywhere. They have a great selection, all of which is paired perfectly with super tasty light meals. My absolute favorite is their Bone Crusher brew, while Marina usually opts for the Native Ale. One of us will obviously have to be the designated driver at the end of the day, hehe. Unfortunately for me this is usually decided by a game of ‘rock, paper, scissors’…which I always seem to lose when pitted against my wife, sigh. Its ok, we always buy a few extra, which we can get nice ‘n frosty and enjoy on warmer days!

There is a long list of what will actually take place during Footloose and I have only touched on a few things that caught my eye. Please take a look at the Footloose WHATS ON page to get a full appreciation of how much has been organized. Lots of energy has gone into putting on something truly special!

Tickets for Footloose in Darling will cost you a R20
Buy your tickets for Footloose online – HERE

Good luck to the Darling Footloose organizers – we hope that the festival will be a roaring success and touch the lives of many in need.

See you all there!!!!

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