Winter on the West Coast

Winter is coming to the West Coast, but what exactly does that mean?!

It seems that people are under the false impression that during the colder winter months that the West Coast becomes completely uninhabitable. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Winter is a spectacular time to visit the West Coast for a variety of reasons.

Perhaps the best thing about the winter for me is the fact that the sea temperature is actually warmer. Yep, you heard me right. The reason for this is mainly because of the change in wind direction, which shifts from the south-east to a north-westerly direction. In summer the wind from the south-east blows away the top layer of warm water and is replaced by an icy cold upwelling of water from the ocean floor (you definitely need the summer sun to survive that). Winter water = awesome. Not to mention that the winter swell makes for amazing waves; all you surfers are in for a real treat!

Unlike most parts of South Africa the Western Cape receives its rainfall during the winter months. This is perhaps one of the things that scare people off, but to be honest it becomes a photographers dream. The sky is filled with dramatic cloud formations and powerful colours. Golden molten sunsets are accentuated by clouds that light casino up in pink purple glory. Also, this is when the West Coast starts getting lovely and green: after a long dry summer little green shoots start erupting from absolutely everywhere, transforming the landscape into a sumptuous display of rebirth.

Some of the guests I have spoken to have even said that they prefer the cooler conditions to the intense summer heat. This of course is totally up to personal preference – some like it hot after all!

What is so fantastic about joining us for a visit at Absolute Beach over this period is the fact that you get to escape the dreary grey city and nestle yourself away in a natural setting as you sit by our roaring firepot, sipping a warming mug of glühwein. Snuggling up in bed with the one love and watching the breakers roll in is simply one of the best things ever!

Let us know if you would like to come up and experience a true West Coast winter. It will totally change your perspective of the area, we promise you that 🙂

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